Reading: All Good Children

I’ve started a book recently, even though I should be focusing on more important things, like school work of course. I’ve started reading All Good Children by Catherine Austen. It’s a Canadian YA book that was nominated for the White Pine award. Picture from This book is basically about this place called New Middletown […]

Watch Talk:: Game of Thrones S03E04

Hi. Game of Thrones S03E04. Can we just talk about how badass Daenerys is in this episode? Great way to end the episode, writers. YES. If you haven’t seen this episode or at least this ending bit, here’s the video. Emilia Clarke does an AMAZING job with the Valyrian and makes me want to learn […]

Tunes: Nothing Left to Lose by The Pretty Reckless

I got into The Pretty Reckless recently and one of my favourite songs by The Pretty Reckless is this one, Nothing Left to Lose. I love the tone in Taylor Momsen’s voice and although I don’t condone suicide or self harm, this song is catchy as hell and this song has been stuck in my […]

Reading: 10+ books!

So during Spring Break I had so much time on my hands that I spent my time reading of course. I ended up finishing 11 books and halfway through one, so technically 11 and a half. So here’s a list of what I read. I’ll be mentioning a little blurb about each of them of course. And […]

Tunes: Clara C’s cover of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop

This song, I discovered some time ago when I was on a tinychat with some people. A person was playing it on the chat, and all I thought was “omygod, is that Thrift Shop?” This is a completely jazzy take on the popular rap song, Thrift Shop and it’s fresh and wonderful and Clara C’s […]

Wanderlust: New York City (Day 1)

NOTE: This is directly copied from my previous blog, This of All Things on Blogger. So, I won’t be posting my first Youtube video for a while because I’m currently in that weird phase of school where I’m in between semesters and I’m transitioning. Also, I’m hiding right now from my parents, because I have […]