DIY: Travel Jewelry Carrier


So I created this before I went on Spring Break to carry my jewelry with me. Actually. It didn’t happen in that order. I was fooling around with an old blush and I popped up the top to see what was underneath, since the pot was pretty thick, but the pan was shallow. I popped it open and found that it was empty inside! I now had a pretty good sized container to put stuff in. I realized that I could stick my jewelry in it to travel with! So I did just that.

This is a pretty simple DIY, but still. Here’s the instructions below the cut!


So this is what the blush looked like before I pried it open and stuck stuff in it. Clearly, you can see that the empty blush pan is pretty shallow and that the container is pretty thick.

I’ve had this blush for a really long time. Longer than I should have. Anyways, so I took the blush out and I always seem to fiddle with containers before I threw them out so, in order to take the inner pan thing out, I used my metal nail file to pry it open.


So I jammed the nail file into the seam, and tried to pry it open without breaking the nail file or the pan itself. You can basically just use anything that’s strong, metal and skinny enough to jam into the seam.


So the pan should pop up like this, revealing the interior spaces. There might be some powder residue from the blush above. Just wipe it away with a wet towel or some hand sanitizer on a tissue.


Then, just cut up a round cotton piece to the shape of the area, to line the bottom. This is just to make sure that the jewelery doesn’t bang up around each other on the hard, hard plastic. Also, it makes the container look more professional and less like you just took something apart.


Just put the cotton piece into the bottom, and trim more off if necessary. If it’s too thick for your liking, just peel the cotton pad into half. Cotton pads are made with layers of cotton, so it shouldn’t be too hard to peel it into two. I liked the thickness of the cotton pad, so I just left it as is.


Finally, put your jewelry inside! And you’re done! This is good especially for carrying around ring bands and earrings. You don’t have to just use it to carry jewelry. You can probably use this container for other things too, like carrying candy around or something.

Happy DIYing! 


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