Reviews: Samples!


So I got a bunch of samples in a magazine, and of course, me being the person I am, I couldn’t help but try it out.

And just so you know, the three samples were:

a Garnier body lotion sample

two of the Sally Hansen nail stickers.

the Simple face cream.

Read more under the cut!

The Garnier body lotion wasn’t even a lotion. It was more of a gel more than anything. It reminded me of the inside of grapes. That’s probably why they had the grapes on the front of the package.

It was okay at moisturizing. I wouldn’t say it was the best for super dry skin, but I suppose it was alright for normal skin.

I love love love Simple’s makeup remover wipes, and so when I got this sample of their facial moisturizer, I was pretty excited to try it out.  This moisturizer, it sort of has an almost runny consistency, but it is one of those types that a little goes a long way. After some time though, I felt as though there was a slight almost greasy feel. I still like my Clinique Gel moisturizer better.

Finally, the Sally Hansen nail strips. As much as I love nailpolish and doing my nails, I’m much too cheap to go and buy one time use nailstrips. So when I got these in the magazine, I jumped on the chance to use them right away. Here’s my nail look that I made using the nail strips.

Yeah, this was on my instagram. The nailstrips were easy to use and I might consider actually going out to buy a pack of these just so I can use them as accent nails.

Overall, my favourite of the three is most definitely the nailstrips. Happy sampling, everyone!


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