Reading: 10+ books!

So during Spring Break I had so much time on my hands that I spent my time reading of course. I ended up finishing 11 books and halfway through one, so technically 11 and a half. So here’s a list of what I read. I’ll be mentioning a little blurb about each of them of course. And also a picture of the cover as always!

  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  • Touch of Frost(Mythos Academy Series) by Jennifer Estep
  • Crux by Julie Reece
  • Legend(Legend series) by Marie Lu
  • Angelfall(Penryn and the End of Days series) by Susan Ee
  • The Selection(Selection series) by Kiera Cass
  • Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side(Jessica series) by Beth Fantaskey
  • My Wolf’s Bane by Veronica Blade
  • Easy by Tammara Webber
  • Perfect Scoundrels(Heist Society series) by Ally Carter
  • Isle of Night(The Watchers series) by Veronica Wolff
  • Shards and Ashes by Various Authors. (the half read one)

More under the cut!

So by far, The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favourite books of the bunch. It was heartbreaking, moving and funny. I had to stop reading towards the end of the book because I couldn’t read through my tears (and also the fact that I was in the car reading and my brother was looking at me weird and making fun of me.)

I’m sure everybody already knows what happens and the things that happens. It’s all over tumblr. I love the way John Green writes. I had been working my way through his books and his writing has changed slightly but the words and the poetic-ness of it remain. By far, The Fault in Our Stars is one of my all time favourite books. Keep up the amazing work, John Green!

Touch of Frost was a good book, I thought. It’s about a girl named Gwen who goes to a school for warriors of myth and of ancient times like the Spartans and the Amazonians and such. Someone was killed in the library and Gwen tries to find out who did it. I’m a sucker for these kinds of books especially with myths and solving mysteries. It wasn’t as great as I had hoped it would be but Estep certainly opened up a whole new world, different from the others that are out there, at least that I have seen in other supernatural books. I look forward to reading further into this series and exploring the world of the Mythos Academy. If you liked the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series, you would probably like this series as well.
Crux is a book about a homeless girl named Birdie. Through a series of peculiar events, she receives a necklace and suddenly her life changes and she gets supernatural powers. Not only that, but she meets a good looking guy (obviously) and he and his sister want to be her friends. This book is a stand alone as far as I know and that’s really rare nowadays for a book based on supernatural events. This book was a good and interesting read. The way the book ended made it feel complete and over with, which is good, because it means that the author probably has no intention of making another book. (coughTheHostcough) Anyways, this book was good, but not great. It had a great concept and I hope the author continues writing! Legend was a good read thought I got bored through the middle of it. It did get much more interesting towards the end of the book. This story is about Day, a criminal, and June, a prodigy in the military circles. Day accidentally kills June’s older brother and that’s when this whole story gets started. This book is set in a post-apocalyptic style world at war. I will most likely read the second book in the series as the end captured my interest. Angelfall was one of my favourite books that I had read that week. It’s even high on my list of all time favourite books! I really loved the story and characters of this book. The main character, Penryn, is tough and almost loyal to a fault. She’s so very strong and tough in this book and I seriously can’t wait for the next book to read. Thank you Michelle Phan for the reccomendation!

The selection is almost a Cinderella style story. The prince needs to choose from among all the girls that signed up to become his wife. And so, although America, the main character, doesn’t want to become the new Queen, she does it anyways for the money. Each person in this post apocalyptic style world has a number attached to them to show their status. A 1 being the highest and 8 being the lowest. The book was good, not amazing, but still good none the less. I’m waiting for the second book to come out and that will most likely be devoured.

This book was interesting to say the least. It wasn’t my favourite but it was interesting. Basically, a boy named Lucius Vladescu comes to Jessica’s home, claiming that Jessica is a lost vampire princess and she was promised to him when they were babies that they were to be wed. I don’t remember much about this book, but it was interesting, cute and not terrible. There is a second book but I’m not quite sure if I want to read it.

My Wolf’s Bane was an interesting book even though I’m usually quite opposed to werewolf books after the whole vampires vs. werewolves shpeal with Twilight. Anyways, the girl, Autumn is suddenly getting all these weird supernatural powers and she is so confused. However, she meets the new guy, Zack and he has a tendency to keep saving her even though he hates her. Now, not only doe she have to deal with the hot new guy who seems to know more about the reasoning behind her supernatural powers, but also her psychotic ex-boyfriend. This was interesting, it was good but not excellent nor terrible.

Easy was a cute book of romance and nothing supernatural whatsoever. This is a great story of surviving hardships and discovering new love. This is easily one of my favourite non-supernatural books of all time. The book follows the journey of Jaqueline’s growth and how she finds the courage to face her fears. This book is set in a college setting and not high school. Even so, this is a must read book!

I am a huge sucker for crime stories, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I love the Heist Society series. This is the third book in the Heist Society series and it gets even better in this book in my opinion. Then again, I tend to be a tad biased. In this book, Hale, Katarina’s love interest gets into a pickle with his family. Hale is one of them, a thief as well, and so the group of teenage thieves couldn’t possibly leave Hale in such a pickle and help him out. This is the story of how they do it and of course, what is a Heist Society book without a con? This is another great installation in the Heist Society series and I simply cannot wait until the next one.

Isle of Night is a very, very different sort of vampire book. From the ominous cover, this is a dark-ish vampire story. A child prodigy is heading towards college, but when she gets there, they don’t have her information. She is lured by a man to go to a “better place”. Sketchy right? Anyways, she is lured onto a plane and then they head to a mysterious island where the main character must fight for her life and survive if she ever wants to get off the island. This was an interesting read though it felt somewhat anti-climactic. This is one of those books that though you aren’t in love with it, you just want to read the second book to find out what happens.

This was my half read book, though this is mostly a post apocalyptic sort of anthology. I only read two of the short stories. The two being Hearken by Veronica Roth and Branded by Kelley Armstrong. Hearken was an amazing short story  talking about these special people called Hearkeners who can hear a person’s life song or death song. It would be a great idea to turn into a book. The second, Branded by Kelley Armstrong is an interesting idea where the supernaturals are branded and exiled to “beyond the wall” as the “normal” people live inside a walled community. This was an interesting story that would probably also make a great book.

So that’s all for now! I read a lot of books during that week and I always have more to read though I don’t have the time, sadly.


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