WANT: Bioshock Infinite

So I’m not actually much of a video game person, since I really suck at them. However, I watch Toby Games on youtube for some reason, mostly to watch him play Minecraft and Happy Wheels. But he recently-ish had started playing Bioshock Infinite. Curious, I clicked on it and started watching.

Oh. My. Gosh. The storyline and the interaction in this video game is amazing. And this comes from a person who isn’t much into first person shooters or games like that.

So I am OBSESSED with this game. I am a sucker for good, mindblowing stories. While I know what the ending of the game is already, I still really really want to play this and see out the entire story.

Basically, the game is about a man named Booker DeWitt and he is hired to recover a girl named Elizabeth in order to wipe away his own debt. In his journey to find Elizabeth, he discovers a floating city named Columbia run by a self proclaimed prophet named Comstock. Chaos ensues in this floating city filled with ignorance and revolution.

I REALLY want this game. Except I am not willing so far to part with sixty dollars for a game. Yet.

So I now give you episode one of Toby Turner playing Bioshock Infinite.

Image is from the Bioshock Infinite Wikia.


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