Watch Talk:: Game of Thrones S03E04

Hi. Game of Thrones S03E04. Can we just talk about how badass Daenerys is in this episode? Great way to end the episode, writers. YES. If you haven’t seen this episode or at least this ending bit, here’s the video.

Emilia Clarke does an AMAZING job with the Valyrian and makes me want to learn how to speak it too. It seems like such a beautiful language. Emilia sounds like a natural at speaking Valyrian.

ANYWAYS, Daenerys is such a freaking BAMF in this episode. This is one of my favourite moments ever in GoT for sure. Anyways, excited for the next blog worthy moment of the shows I watch. Don’t expect too much of this section, since it’ll take a lot now for me to be excited over a scene. 🙂


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