Wanderlust: New York City Day 2

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a Wanderlust post, but here’s day 2 of my trip in New York City one and a bit years ago.

I’ve been sidetracked, mostly with school and the terrifying amount of shows that I watch.

More under the cut!

This day was Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year! We didn’t get to hit any shops. The admin had designed it specifically so we wouldn’t be shopping this day, so that we could avoid the crowds. Instead, we mostly were in museums.

So we started off the day at St.John the Divine. I don’t even remember any more if it was a church or cathedral or even something else entirely. It was massive inside the holy place and the architecture was just spectacular.

This is another amazing example of the architecture at St.John the Divine. I assume that this statue is of St.John, but I’m not exactly sure. Gosh, this was long ago. I have a thing for architecture and its visual appeal. We explored this place and the garden beside it had some gorgeous statues and a fountain.

This is stained glass window on the inside of the holy place and the design is just so European and gorgeous. It reminds me of all those beautiful churches in Europe that I saw the past summer. That will be another Wanderlust post after I finish New York of course.

Beautiful prayer candles 

The gorgeous interior and the beautiful morning daylight

Statue in the garden beside St.John the Divine

Down the street from this cathedral (?) is the diner where they shot Seinfeld. I wasn’t really interested since I never watched that show, but some of my fellow students did in fact go to see the diner.

After this visit, we visited Central Park. Central Park is massive and we didn’t get to see the entire thing, obviously, that would have taken forever. Though we did spend a good hour to an hour and a half in the park. We started out in Strawberry Fields and ended off in an area that  had the Alice in Wonderland statues.

A tribute to John Lennon. Imagine. 

Beautiful Central Park during mid November. 

I didn’t take any pictures of the Alice in Wonderland statues mostly because they were covered in kids and I couldn’t get a decent picture. Oh well.

After Central Park, it was time to head to Queens to see the Museum of Moving Image! We did have lunch first though. 🙂

The place I had lunch. Don’t remember the name anymore. 

 My fish and chips lunch. Tasty, but a tad overpriced. 

Museum of the Moving Image

Celebrities, celebrities. 

And of course, to end off the day, we went to the MOMA. By this time, we were so pooped. My friends and I walked around one exhibit and we gave up and sat outside in the garden area to rest our feet.

By far one of my favourites. Mostly because I’m into monochrome both now and then. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous New York City.

And with this, the day was over. We had dinner at some lame supermarket and wasn’t worth noting whatsoever. It was pretty terrible. But anyways, I had a lot of fun this day just watching and looking at this beautiful city. I know this post took a really long time, but that’s because I have so much s**t to do. Student life man. I still need to get my G1! Gosh.

Anyways, until the nest Wanderlust post!


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