This is why I can’t have nice things.


I got this Tiffany bracelet when I was younger as a gift from my parents. I broke this bracelet before already last year or so. The beads went spilling everywhere in the hallway of my highschool. I don’t know if I gathered all the beads, but Tiffany was kind enough to replace my entire bracelet.

This time, as you can see by the clasp, it won’t close. It costs thirty dollars to replace the clasp, which isn’t too much considering the probable cost of the actual bracelet itself. My mom got so mad at me. She didn’t bother going down to Tiffany to get it fixed. I think she just used pliers to move it back into place.

Not only did this break, so did my old, old Ipod Classic with 80GB space on it. Obviously my parents didn’t know that it broke. After all, I had just wrecked my Tiffany bracelet.

Seriously. I break everything.

EDIT: I think I broke my DSLR now too. Oh my fracking god.



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