Reading: Hell Yes!


So a while ago I did a post on my blogger about the book I read called The Way We Fall. I loved that book so much that I bought the second book. Though I probably should have bought the first one as well. So I was fortunate enough to meet the author of this series, Megan Crewe. Although I took a picture with her, it was the librarian that took it and I have no idea where that picture went.


Ahhhh! And she signed the book for me! I finished this book recently and it’s not bad! I don’t find that I like this book quite as much as I liked the first one, but I can’t wait for the third one!

Anyways, in other reading news, I’ve gotten a Kobo mini recently, courtesy of my father. He doesn’t know about my broken DSLR yet, though I’ll have to tell him eventually. And today, the wire on the back of my teeth broke too. Surprise. (Yes, I had braces.)


Mine’s black and not like the white one in the picture. You’ll see a picture of it in my post of Collective Haul 1. I also got the hard copy version of AngelFall since I wanted to have a physical copy rather than the epub version that I had. You’ll also see that in the collective haul post.

So  yeah! Reading stuff until the next post, which is the Collective haul of course. I finally managed to piece together all the pictures.


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