Haulin’:: Collective Haul March to June1

Warning now, this will be a ridiculously huge haul. Seriously. This is a collective haul spanning over the course of four-ish months with a vacation in the middle and during warehouse sale season. You have been warned. This post is image heavy. I also can’t guarantee that they will be in the order that they were bought in. Mostly because I don’t remember which came first. IMG_0681 I bought a bunch of Benefit stuff from Sephora when it was near my birthday of course to get my Benefit birthday gift. I bought the mini set just to test out some Benefit products, since they’re kind of expensive for my budget. I can tell you now though, that I ADORE the Watt’s Up and the They’re Real! mascara. More under the cut!

IMG_0950 IMG_0949

IMG_0955 IMG_0953

I bought this set of odds and ends soap from Basin to check out their soap as well. I’m currently using the duck one on the bottom right and it’s alright. I’m not a huge fan of glycerin soap, but it’s cute and smells nice. I don’t know about the others just yet. IMG_0721 IMG_0729 This was another mini Sephora haul with a Eyeko London eyeliner trio and the Pantone universe nail polish in Cradle Pink. I’d been looking at these things and I finally gave in to getting them. The nailpolish is a tad sheer, while the eyeliner pens have great pigmentation,  though I seem to have terrible luck always with eyeliner pens, since the brown one will manage to line one eye, but then start to dry up on the other eye. IMG_0757

IMG_0761             IMG_0777

IMG_0774             IMG_0770


So I had to get another bottle of my favourite moisturizer ever, the Clinique’s Dramatically Moisturizing Gel. I usually end up running out of it whenever there’s a promotion at Sears or The Bay and end up getting these makeup bags filled with goodies. The bag came with this palette with a blush and two eyeshadows, a dark purple lipstick and a black mascara as well as a travel size of the moisturizer, though it’s a lotion instead of a gel. I love the lipstick and it’s a perfect fall colour. The blush and the gold eyeshadow are my favourites from the palette. I haven’t tried the mascara yet though.

IMG_0956          IMG_0960

IMG_0965          IMG_0966

These are a couple of the things that I got on March Break and you can see that the sponge for the powder is dirty. That’s because I didn’t take pictures of this until after I came back from break and I had used this during the break since I was on a cruise and I desperately needed some translucent powder. It’s be ELF by the way. The Evian spray is nice, though I wouldn’t say that it’s necessary.

 IMG_0843 IMG_0845

Shiseido Silky Eye Shadow Duo in Silver Thistle and Warm Tea Rose

 IMG_0837 IMG_0848

Shiseido Eyeshadow Single in Goldburst and Shiseido Hydropower Eyeshadow in Languid Lagoon

IMG_0856 IMG_0853

Shisiedo Hydropower Eyeshadow in Bare Pink and Shiseido Eyeshadow Single in Shimmershell

IMG_0825 IMG_0826

Nars nail laquer in Anardana and Jungle Red

IMG_0831 IMG_0801

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Tokyo and Joico Bio Advanced Restorative Treatment

IMG_0806 IMG_0817

Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Lipstick in P13 and Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD 732

This was a larger haul that came from a warehouse sale that had Shiseido stuff as well as Nars. Damn. Things were so cheap there that I just couldn’t help myself! Seriously, the Nars nailpolish was $5 CAD. I was out of control here, but I managed to reign myself in for the next warehouse sale that I attended. I only bought 2 things or so there.

IMG_0898   IMG_0893

I got myself Revlon’s Naughty and the Revlon ColorStay base coat. Naughty, I had heard was a dupe for Chanel’s Paradoxal and due to my budget, clearly the Revlon was a good choice.

DSC05016   DSC05015

I also got some random shampoo samples in the mail for promotions of course. I already used the treatment sample from the Nexxus ones, and I liked it, though not enough to purchase a full size. The Nexxus samples are supposed to help with split ends, while the John Frieda samples are supposed to help with volume.

IMG_1036   IMG_1037

This is a soap bar that my mom told me about. She told me about the brand and when we encountered it, I just knew that I had to give it a try. Though it smells lovely, I do wish it was purple as my mother had told me. I don’t remember when or where I got this though, sorry!

DSC05004   DSC05008

My dad got me a Kobo Mini, which I am adoring right now. I have used this for travel and it’s so useful since it has 2 GB of internal memory and you only have to plug it into your computer to load books onto it. Also, it’s so small, it can fit into any bag. The only downside is that you can’t read this in the dark, though you can read this outside.

DSC05019   DSC05013

The tea tree mask is a Korean sheet mask that I got at the Korean super market that I frequent. I love sheet masks because of their portability and the variety that they come in. The earrings are a set that I got from ASOS. I ADORE their free shipping because shipping is always the thing that costs the most.

IMG_0753   DSC05014

So sorry about the different sized pictures. My book arrived when my DSLR stopped working. It’s working again now though! Angelfall is one of my favourite books of all time and I am desperately anticipating the next one! That bag is the one I have been frequently using and it’s massive! It costed me $15 CAD, so it was a bargain.


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