InstaMonth:: August 2013

August 2013


1.Shopping at Pacific Mall! //2. Finally found Clearly Spotted //3. Fruit Picking in Niagara //4. Apricot picking //5. Trees! // 6. Taste in the Danforth //7. Souvlaki from the Astoria Shishkebab House. //8. Mango Salad //9. Finished reading Throne of Glass //10. In the airport //11. On the plane // (Woops. Skipped one) The Beautiful Disney Fantasy //12. Costa Maya, Mexico //13. Chocolate factory in Cozumel, Mexico //14. Pancho’s Backyard, Cozumel, Mexico //15.Castaway Cay //16. sunset //17. Sunrise //18. Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando. //19. Wizarding World of Harry Potter! ❤ //20. Butterbeer ❤ //21. Disney Fantasy Chandelier //22. Chicken Chipotle Avocado sandwich, Earl’s Sandwich //23. Hanging out at Disney Quest //24. Eating lunch at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot //25. The Muppets at Hollywood Studios //26. Hey Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today! //27. My shameful rendition of Mickey Mouse //28. England Pavilion //29. Canadian music? //30. Flying home //31. Stuck in Cleveland for seven hours.

So clearly I’ve instagrammed a lot during August, probably because most of the pictures from August are from my vacation. Did you know the Disney parks have free Wifi all over the park now?


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