I know, I know!

I’m sorry for not keeping up on my promise of more posts, but damn, senior year! I also got a job, so there’s that, and I’m senior editor for the school yearbook and there’s also being secretary on my school’s anime club and then there’s also life too.

I do promise, however, to post when I can and when I have time. I can’t promise much though. 😦

However, I’m always active on my tumblr, logics-corrosion and on gaia. I’m CielCiel on GaiaOnline.

So Updates with me::

Listening to: Lorde

drinking: Ghiradelli’s White Chocolate Mocha

Eating:: gum

new things new things:: November Flare Magazine, Samsung Galaxy S3, Tony Moly face masks, Ikea picture frames

reading:: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Fifth Business, L’Etranger, House of Hades (the first three are for school)

studying:: Organic Chem

sickness level:: way better

scent currently wearing:: Lovestruck by Vera Wang

status:: procrastinating, dying, stressed


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