Hi! My name is Ri and I’m the person that runs this blog. Like the description says, this blog is all about things I like and things that I want to share with others. This will probably be the place where I spill personal thoughts. So, some basic things to know about me, I’m a massively huge coffee lover, I adore fashion and nail polish. I have a vast array of personal interests, including reading YA books, watching Crime Shows, travelling, manga, rock music and also kpop.

I’m Canadian and I’m currently a student in high school, trying to succeed in life. My obsessions change very often. That doesn’t mean that I drop them the moment that I’m not as interested any more. At any given time, I’m very obsessed with particular things. However, those pass and although I still love them, a new obsession has taken over my interest.

My current obsessions as of 100513 are:

  • Game of Thrones 
  • Richard Madden/Robb Stark
  • monochrome/black and white
  • Ailee
  • Orphan Black/ SarahxPaul
  • We the Kings / Travis Clark 

Feel free to drop me a comment or visit my personal tumblr, logics-corrosion.

I have other tumblrs as well, and feel free to hit those up too.

Travel themed: voyag-er
Fashion themed: la-mode-la-vie
Pretty things: sont-lesinspires

Also, follow me on Instagram, @Astaraya


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