I know, I know!

I’m sorry for not keeping up on my promise of more posts, but damn, senior year! I also got a job, so there’s that, and I’m senior editor for the school yearbook and there’s also being secretary on my school’s anime club and then there’s also life too. I do promise, however, to post when […]

J’aime:: Sesame Snaps!

So these are kind of old pictures, and they changed the packaging, but I adore Sesame Snaps. They’re so delish! They’re basically toasted sesame, i think, mixed with sugar. It’s so tasty and I always get some every time I pass by a Bulk Barn. Delish! I want some just now, looking at these photos. Yum!


Sorry for not posting more often, but September’s over and I have gotten into the routine of school. Senior year is giving me anxiety and stress like no other! Haha. Anyways, look forward to some more posts since I have photoshop again on my laptop after it got reimaged.  

InstaMonth:: August 2013

  1.Shopping at Pacific Mall! //2. Finally found Clearly Spotted //3. Fruit Picking in Niagara //4. Apricot picking //5. Trees! // 6. Taste in the Danforth //7. Souvlaki from the Astoria Shishkebab House. //8. Mango Salad //9. Finished reading Throne of Glass //10. In the airport //11. On the plane // (Woops. Skipped one) The Beautiful Disney […]

J’aime:: G-Dragon Frequently Flyer Interview by Complex Magazine

This is a really beautifully made article on G-Dragon and it’s just a really different article than anything I’ve seen on the web before. It’s composed with a scroll down format that changes the screen as you continuously scroll down the page. And overall, I just feel it’s a really visually stunning article that deserves […]