I know, I know!

I’m sorry for not keeping up on my promise of more posts, but damn, senior year! I also got a job, so there’s that, and I’m senior editor for the school yearbook and there’s also being secretary on my school’s anime club and then there’s also life too. I do promise, however, to post when […]


Sorry for not posting more often, but September’s over and I have gotten into the routine of school. Senior year is giving me anxiety and stress like no other! Haha. Anyways, look forward to some more posts since I have photoshop again on my laptop after it got reimaged.  

Christian Louboutin in Toronto

They’ve brought the London exhibit to Toronto! The shoes, the sketches and all things Christian Louboutin will be displayed at the Design Exchange in Toronto. So if you’re in the area, go check it out! This exhibit is running from June 21 to September 15. Check out this trailer for the exhibit from the Design […]