The August Break:: Skip, Again.


Sorry for not posting for three days. I’ve been busy. So this post was supposed to be a selfie, but the summer heat has done a number on my skin and I am not very much up to taking a selfie. So instead, here is  a picture of one of my favourite nail polishes of all time. It’s a limited edition called Boho Gold by Maybelline. This is a gorgeous duochrome that shifts from gold to green. However, because of the duochrome-ness, if you make a mistake, the polish isn’t very forgiving. Bubbles, wrinkles and smudges can be seen by all. When it’s done right, this is one of the most beautiful polishes I own.\

Happy Snapping!



The August Break:: SKIPSKIP!


Today’s prompt was skyline and I don’t live in anywhere interesting enough that would give a gorgeous skyline photo. So instead, here you have my desk or workspace. There you see me watching the old Streamy Awards on my desktop and my laptop is for working over there on the left. So it will take me too long to explain everything on my desk, so instead, if any questions, just leave them in the comments!

Happy Snapping!


The August Break:: SKIP!



So I decided to skip today’s prompt, which was diagonals, mostly because I was bored and I didn’t have anything interesting that was diagonal to photograph. Thus, the paper stars. I have a Starbucks Frapp bottle filled with these little paper stars that I have worked on for years. I used to make these on airplanes when I didn’t have an e-reader to keep me company.

Anyways, Happy Snapping!


The August Break:: Close Up



This is a close up of my pleather hair clip that I adore, but have yet to wear. It’s cute and it’s originally a tan sort of leather, I don’t know if you guys can tell. So there wasn’t much thought put into this, though it was painstaking, taking this photo indoors at a time value of 6. I took this picture 10 times before I got a non-shaky one. Haha!

Happy Snapping, guys!


The August Break:: Yellow



So today’s theme is Yellow. I was tempted in taking a picture of myself simply because I’m Asian, but I thought that would be a bit weird. So instead here are some Asian candies I don’t remember the name of. The yellow ones are lemon flavoured, while the top one is mango flavoured. Yum.

Same photoshop action again.

Happy snapping y’all.


The August Break:: Circles


Circles are the theme today! This is a little pottery dish thing that I painted and distressed with dollar store acrylics. Not bad, eh? And those are some of my rings that I own, though I use my plain silver band and the black jade band the most. The ring with the wings, I got recently as a late birthday present from my best friend.

Used the same action again, js.

Happy Snapping!


InstaMonth:: July 2013

July 2013


1. Instavideo of performance at Night it Up // 2. Tornado Potato // 3. A stand called “Like a Baos” //4. Takoyaki // 5. Beef tongue on a stick. Yum. //6. A beautiful sunset // 7. A pastry from Night it Up. //8. Cute Tokidoki phone accessory // 9. A pork bun for dinner! // 10. Kenzo noodles has a cute logo~ // 11. A lotus outside of Starbucks. Dayum. // 12. Poutine at Costco. Delish. // 13. Shaken Iced Peach Black Tea Lemonade // 14. Ribs at the RibFest! // 15. Mmm. Ribfest! 

The August Break

So I’m doing this new photo prompt thing called the August Break, which is organized by Susannah Conway. Every day in August, I’ll be taking a photo based on the prompt provided. However, since I am going away for two weeks in August, those last two weeks worth of the August Break will be posted later, when i come back.

Here are the prompts, that I took from Susannah Conway’s site.


You can also do this on instagram, with the hashtag #theaugustbreak.

Happy snapping everyone,