J’aime:: G-Dragon Frequently Flyer Interview by Complex Magazine

This is a really beautifully made article on G-Dragon and it’s just a really different article than anything I’ve seen on the web before. It’s composed with a scroll down format that changes the screen as you continuously scroll down the page. And overall, I just feel it’s a really visually stunning article that deserves […]

J’aime:: See’s Candy lollipops in Cafe Latte

If you don’t know by now, I ADORE coffee. These lollipops by See’s Candy are delicious, though my family usually buys the assorted box. I claim all the cafe latte flavoured ones because these are absolutely delicious. The candy┬áis kinda expensive, but sometimes it’s worth the money for these delicious treats. Also, try the toffee-ettes […]

J’aime:: George RR Martin on GOT S03E09

The creator of Game of Thrones recently did an article for The Onion on his reaction to the Red Wedding episode. This article is absolutely hilarious. Why, you may ask? The title of this article is the following. Oh Shit, I Totally Forgot that Happens! Yeah. Good going, Mr.Martin. If you’re a fan of Game […]