I know, I know!

I’m sorry for not keeping up on my promise of more posts, but damn, senior year! I also got a job, so there’s that, and I’m senior editor for the school yearbook and there’s also being secretary on my school’s anime club and then there’s also life too.

I do promise, however, to post when I can and when I have time. I can’t promise much though. ūüė¶

However, I’m always active on my tumblr, logics-corrosion and on gaia. I’m CielCiel on GaiaOnline.

So Updates with me::

Listening to: Lorde

drinking: Ghiradelli’s White Chocolate Mocha

Eating:: gum

new things new things:: November Flare Magazine, Samsung Galaxy S3, Tony Moly face masks, Ikea picture frames

reading:: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Fifth Business, L’Etranger, House of Hades (the first three are for school)

studying:: Organic Chem

sickness level:: way better

scent currently wearing:: Lovestruck by Vera Wang

status:: procrastinating, dying, stressed


J’aime:: Sesame Snaps!


So these are kind of old pictures, and they changed the packaging, but I¬†adore Sesame Snaps. They’re so delish! They’re basically toasted sesame, i think, mixed with sugar. It’s so tasty and I always get some every time I pass by a Bulk Barn.



Delish! I want some just now, looking at these photos. Yum!


Sorry for not posting more often, but September’s over and I have gotten into the routine of school. Senior year is giving me anxiety and stress like no other! Haha.

Anyways, look forward to some more posts since I have photoshop again on my laptop after it got reimaged.


InstaMonth:: August 2013

August 2013


1.Shopping at Pacific Mall! //2. Finally found Clearly Spotted //3.¬†Fruit Picking in Niagara //4. Apricot picking //5. Trees! //¬†6. Taste in the Danforth //7. Souvlaki from the Astoria Shishkebab House. //8. Mango Salad //9. Finished reading Throne of Glass //10. In the airport //11. On the plane // (Woops. Skipped one) The Beautiful Disney Fantasy //12. Costa Maya, Mexico //13. Chocolate factory in Cozumel, Mexico //14. Pancho’s Backyard, Cozumel, Mexico //15.Castaway Cay //16. sunset //17. Sunrise //18.¬†Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando. //19. Wizarding World of Harry Potter! ‚̧ //20. Butterbeer ‚̧ //21. Disney Fantasy Chandelier //22. Chicken Chipotle Avocado sandwich, Earl’s¬†Sandwich¬†//23. Hanging out at Disney Quest //24. Eating lunch at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot //25. The Muppets at Hollywood Studios //26. Hey Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today! //27. My shameful rendition of Mickey Mouse //28. England Pavilion //29. Canadian music? //30. Flying home //31. Stuck in Cleveland for seven hours.

So clearly I’ve instagrammed a lot during August, probably because most of the pictures from August are from my vacation. Did you know the Disney parks have free Wifi all over the park now?

J’aime:: G-Dragon Frequently Flyer Interview by Complex Magazine


This is a really beautifully made article on G-Dragon and it’s just a really different article than anything I’ve seen on the web before. It’s composed with a scroll down format that changes the screen as you continuously scroll down the page. And overall, I just feel it’s a really visually stunning article that deserves to be shared around.

Go check out the article here! :: Frequently Flyer


So I’m back from vacation. Finally. But today was the first day of school, so I haven’t had time to do any photo editing or even uploading my photos yet, so I suppose you can look for those later. I’ll be pretty busy this year because it’s my senior year and I need to get pretty great grades to get into a school of my choice.


So here enjoy a picture!



Beautiful Cozumel. Picture taken March 2012. 


The August Break:: Play



So today’s theme is¬†play and so here is my old teddy bear from¬†The Hudson’s Bay Company. I’ve had this bear for years and I do admit that sometimes I still sleep with this teddy bear. He’s still very comfortable. When I was younger, I never bought into the Build-A-Bear craze and was happy with this bear. Seriously, Build-A-Bears can get ridiculously expensive. Anyways, You can see from his sweater, he’s kinda worn, but I still love him. Haha.

Happy Snapping!


The August Break:: Red



So this theme is Red and here is a plastic rose thingy! This used to be an earring, but it was cheap stuff and the backing fell off. So I kept the rose thing because I love red roses so I couldn’t just throw it out. So here you have this beautiful red rose! Red roses have always represented love and romance for me, but I also just think that red roses are beautiful. Anyways, that’s it for this post.

Happy Snapping!


The August Break:: Taste



So my dad and I have been doing the¬†treat¬†receipt at¬†Starbucks for the past couple days. This morning I got the Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade. I love it and it tastes pretty great. So that’s my taste post for the day. You can see the condensation on the top and it’s deliciously cold. I can’t stand the heat, even in like 28 degree Celsius weather, so cold drinks are my saviour in the summers. Winter and fall are my favourite seasons because I like the cold way better. (Is it my Canadian-ness? LOL) Anyways, Tasty!

Happy Snapping!